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From "Peter L. Markowsky" <>
Subject Re: fixing the Https, Http problem
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:40:36 GMT

Just in case no one saw my question or choose to ignore it I decided to
re-RTFM and the FAQs. I still haven't been able figure out exactly how to
fix this. I am running a Tomcat as a standalone, using its provided
webserver. the version I'm running is 3.2.3 I have downloaded and for ssl and I have been looking in server.xml, to attempt to
change host names. The example I was shown in the FAQ doesn't seem to
match what I see in server.xml.  Thanks for the help.

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Peter L. Markowsky wrote:

> Hey All thanks for all the help, but I'm stuck again.
> 	Basically what's happening is I have tomcat hosting https
> connections on port 8443 so that when people connect using Https it looks
> like however when someone deletes the port number
> and the s from https they get access to the page over an unsecure
> connection. Any pointers to documentation on how to fix this or and advice
> would be greatly appreciated.
> 						-Pete

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