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From "Victor Martinez" <>
Subject RE: Book
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 07:52:09 GMT
> just about every book on jsp or servlets ever published uses tomcat as
> the example engine. they may not have "tomcat" in the title, but they
> all shows how to do the things described in the books specifically with
> tomcat. pick one. there are dozens. just imagine the title has "with
> tomcat" appended to the end. most of them will have at least one chapter
> on how to set up tomcat for the examples in the books. some books won't
> go much beyond how to embed java in a page while some will spend a few
> hundred pages on taglibs. but you have to look hard to find a current
> jsp or servlet book that doesn't tell how to do whatever it's describing
> specifically with tomcat. they might not detail administrivia about how
> to integrate tomcat with this or that web server, but that docs do that
> -more than well enough-. indeed, they do it -really, really- well.
> a year ago, i didn't even know how to spell tomcat. i picked up a pretty
> horrible book from sams publishing called _pure jsp_ and within a day i
> had a working application for database queries at work using tomcat.
> it's embarrassing how much information on tomcat is available at any
> backwater barnes and noble. if i'd known it was so easy, i would have
> done it a long time ago.

Yes. But i don't need a simple book saing "just intall and go". I have read
many books about servlets and JSP, and they use Tomcat, but they don´t cover
all configuration. Many of them just install Tomcat and uses the "Hello
World" example.
I´m searching for thread pool configuration, ajp13 tunning and so.

Un saludo.

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