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From "Victor Martinez" <>
Subject RE: RE: Book
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 06:41:45 GMT
> A couple of good books - both dealing with Tomcat.  "Inside Servlets" by
> Dustin R. Callaway - Addison-Wesley is the publisher.  The other one is
> "Core Servlets and Java Server Pages" - by Marty Hall.
> Both have their strong points, and of course the "Core..." book,
> coming from Sun deals with Tomcat extensively.  However, the "Inside
> Servlets" book has a lot of valuable information, as well.
> You could also take a look at a couple of other books if performance and
> tuning are what you need.  "Java Performance and Scalability, Volume 1" by
> Dov Bulka, and "Java Performance Tuning" by Josh Shirazi.  Both books deal
> with performance and tuning your java code and the internals of the JVM.
> This should be the starting point in developing optimum performance.
> When it comes to optimization of your server, you'll be able to get to the
> Tomcat source to do whatever you need to do, but you have to tune
> with your overall application environment in mind.

Ok. I´ll see them.

My question is: Why there isn´t any specific book about Tomcat??
There is about Weblogic...

Thanks Charles.

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