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Subject Re: pulling my hair out re: EJB in tomcat
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:39:27 GMT

Thanks again, Remy.  Still no luck, thought (same message).  Any idea how
"upcoming" 4.01 is?  :-)

Has anyone else had success making Tomcat 4.0 talk to JBoss 2.4.1 on
*different* machines?

- Marty

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> >>      I've searched the archives to no avail.  I'm running Tomcat 4.0 /
> >> Apache on RH7.1, with JBoss 2.4.1 on another machine.
> >>
> >>      I'm able to run the standalone demo app from the RH7.1 box with
> >> problems whatsoever.  I have a file in my classpath.
> >>
> >>      When I run Tomcat with the same classpath, I get "Name not
> in
> >> this context."
> >
> >Use the -nonaming option to launch Catalina. That will disable the JNDI
> >support (and use the one from jBoss instead).
> Thanks for the tip.  I found a little more info at
> The example on that page is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish for the
> moment, but I'm still experiencing problems.  I'm sniffing the network
> between the computers, and the Tomcat box is definitely communicating
> the JBoss box (i.e., no more naming issues!).  Now, however, I get:
> java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.naming.NameClassPair
> Like I said, what I'm trying to accomplish is exactly what the example at
> the above URL illustrates.  Any more ideas?

There's a class loading delegation bug in 4.0 (fixed for the upcoming
which may cause this.

You can probably fix it by removing anything named jndi.jar in the Tomcat


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