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Subject Limits of Web
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:59:02 GMT
I have a question regarding the limits of web applications.

I sent out an e-mail requesting help for a problem with submitting multiple
forms and the responses I am getting say I am nuts for trying to do such
complicated application on the Web.

My problem is that I work for a government agency that wants to take very
complicated client server data entry and reporting applications (there are
master/details that go three levels deep) and rewrite them for use on the

In order to save money they want them to be similar enough to the
client-server applications so that they will not have to retrain users.   I
am currently finishing up the first (and easiest) of these applications and
have had not a few headaches and frustrations.

My question is using technologies such as Java, Tomcat, JSP, and Tag
Libraries, how realistic is it to expect to be able to develop complicated
data entry forms with the same ease of use, precision, and stability as
client server applications using such tools as Java Swing, PowerBuilder, VB
or Oracle Developer?  Are there tools that I am missing that would make
this easier or is the web just not able to handle such sophisticated apps?
Am I setting myself up for disaster?

Thanks In Advance

Jeff Sulman

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