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Subject Re: Limits of Web
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:14:20 GMT

I agree completely except for one thing, we are not learning the hard way.
We started with a small, none enterprise application using one archetecture
and realize that it is barely capable of handling what we are doing.  All I
am doing now is seeing if there are other archetectures out there that we
should be looking into before we get into larger enterprise scale
applications. Is this learning the hard way?  No, we've learned our lesson
and are now trying to correct it.  Secondly, not all companies have the
resources to hire professional consultants to do their work.  I wish we did
be we do not.  Therefore the only thing we can do is read books, use
resources like the tomcat-users group and plod along increasing our
technical knowledge - often by making mistakes and learning from them.



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