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Subject Réf. : Re: tomcat 3.2.3 hangs, AIX 4.3.3 (jre 1.2.2 and 1.3.0)
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 09:27:17 GMT

infortunaltely, I can't make it work on aix.

but I have successfully reproduced problem with a simple piece of code:

a servlet, at first call, runs n threads, and each of them will open a
localhost url every s seconds (a kind of scheduler), to the same servlet
that initially launch threads (following calls just print some text/plain

so, for n=50, process hangged after less than 18 hours.

I tried to use 'lsof' (suspecting some resource starvation), and it gives:
java    47238 desis  cwd   VDIR      33,48      512 14498 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    0r  VCHR        2,2      0t0  8482 /dev/null
java    47238 desis    1u  VCHR       23,2  0t46340  8870 /dev/pts/2
java    47238 desis    2u  VCHR       23,2  0t46340  8870 /dev/pts/2
java    47238 desis    3r  VREG      33,48  7517162 14496 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    4r  VREG      33,48  3511645 14492 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    5r  VREG      33,48   375769 14339 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    6r  VREG      33,48    43606 14340 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    7r  VREG      33,48   330474  6298 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    8r  VREG      33,48   217958  6303 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis    9r  VREG      33,48     5618  6296 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis   10r  VREG      33,48   136133  6299 /bnp/desis_fs
java    47238 desis   11r  VREG      33,48    40813  6294 /bnp/desis_fs (/dev/lv_desis)
java    47238 desis   12r  VREG      33,48   431743  6297 /bnp/desis_fs (/dev/lv_desis)
java    47238 desis   13u  IPv4 0x70327edc      0t0   TCP *:11223 (LISTEN)
java    47238 desis   14w  VREG      33,52      758  2050 /bnp/desis_fs/logs (/dev/lv_desis_logs)
java    47238 desis   15w  VREG      33,52      382  2051 /bnp/desis_fs/logs (/dev/lv_desis_logs)
java    47238 desis   16w  VREG      33,52      197  2052 /bnp/desis_fs/logs (/dev/lv_desis_logs)
java    47238 desis   17u  IPv4 0x703c4adc      0t0   TCP *:11225 (LISTEN)
java    47238 desis   18u  IPv4 0x70429edc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64245
java    47238 desis   19u  IPv4                 0t0   TCP no PCB, CANTSENDMORE, CANTRCVMORE
java    47238 desis   20u  IPv4 0x703ad100      0t0   UDP *:38797
java    47238 desis   21u  IPv4 0x702352dc      0t0   TCP loopback:64252->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   22u  IPv4 0x702522dc      0t0   TCP loopback:64253->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   23u  IPv4 0x702f76dc      0t0   TCP loopback:64245->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   24u  IPv4 0x702c6edc      0t0   TCP loopback:64254->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   25u  IPv4 0x703a22dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64244
java    47238 desis   26u  IPv4 0x704ddedc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64247
java    47238 desis   27u  IPv4 0x704e52dc      0t0   TCP loopback:64244->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   29u  IPv4 0x7041f6dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64249
java    47238 desis   31u  IPv4 0x703e2edc      0t0   TCP loopback:64255->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   32u  IPv4 0x70393edc      0t0   TCP loopback:64247->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   33u  IPv4 0x703a3adc      0t0   TCP loopback:64248->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   34u  IPv4 0x704ddadc      0t0   TCP loopback:64249->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   35u  IPv4 0x70252adc      0t0   TCP loopback:64250->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   36u  IPv4 0x702baedc      0t0   TCP loopback:64251->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   37u  IPv4 0x702346dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64250
java    47238 desis   38u  IPv4 0x702c66dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64251
java    47238 desis   39u  IPv4 0x702416dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64252
java    47238 desis   40u  IPv4 0x700752dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64253
java    47238 desis   41u  IPv4 0x702a92dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64254
java    47238 desis   42u  IPv4 0x700702dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64255
java    47238 desis   43u  IPv4 0x70228edc      0t0   TCP loopback:64256->loopback:11223
java    47238 desis   44u  IPv4 0x702526dc      0t0   TCP loopback:11223->loopback:64256

I am not a socket specialist, and just wonder if the "no PCB" line means
something intersting, even after reading lsof faq:
4.8  What does lsof mean when it says, "no PCB, CANTSENDMORE,
     CANTRCVMORE" in a socket file's NAME column?

     When an AIX application calls shutdown(2) on an open socket
     file, but hasn't called close(2) on the file, the file will
     remain visible to lsof as an open socket file without any
     extended protocol information.

     Lsof reports that state in the NAME column by saying that
     there is "no PCB" (Protocol Control Block) for the protocol
     (e.g., TCP in the NODE column).  If the open socket file
     has the state variables SO_CANTSENDMORE and SO_CANTRCVMORE
     set -- i.e., from the shutdown(2) call -- lsof reports them
     with the CANTSENDMORE and CANTRCVMORE notes in the NAME

any help ?

of course, I can give sample code (less than 5k source).

thanxs in advance

Internet - 21/09/2001 02:22

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Objet :   Re: tomcat 3.2.3 hangs, AIX 4.3.3 (jre 1.2.2 and 1.3.0)

In bug #1006 it suggests:

kill -3 <process-id>

*** The bug report also says that this command is for IBM JVM and Linux 6.2
(if I remember correctly) ***

This gives a stack-trace dump of all the threads.  Looking at that may give
you a clue as to where and why the threads are hanging.

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:00:05 +0200 wrote:

> Hello...
> I have a problem which I can't resolve: tomcat "hangs" after some time
> be 3 minutes or 2 hours).
> I mean tomcat is running ("ps" shows it), but no answer is received to
> requests when tomcat hangs.
> Strangely, problem occurs only on _some_ of AIX 4.3.3 machines where I
> tomcat.
> It happens either with ibm's jre 1.2.2 (with different builds) or 1.3.0,
> and tomcat 3.2.3.
> Some machines, with SAME jre/tomcat/code, run with no problem :-(
> And I did not met that on winNT4.
> Note that I got a javacore twice, if somebody can interpret it...
> I searched in bug list, and it looks like bug 1006
> (<>),
> or like problems described in
> <
> or in
> <
> Since bug 1006 is said to be fixed, I don't understand what happens.
> Does somebody can help, or give tricks to diagnose?
> Thanks
> --
> Joseph Vallot
simon colston

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