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From "Cor Hofman" <>
Subject My
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 06:52:51 GMT
I am stuck and need some help badly.

I try to get my application (JSP + EJB) running via tomcat 4.0 and
JBoss under Windows NT. I use a JAAS  authorization scheme, but what
I keep getting is the exception shown below. access denied
( getProperty.login.configuration.provider)

The code I use to authenticate a user with JBoss is the following:

  AppCallbackHandler handler = new AppCallbackHandler(orgPin, userName,
  LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("companion", handler);

It throws the exception at the "new LoginContext()".

I have set the environment variable CATALINA_OPTS to\client\auth.conf

The contents of the auth.conf file is:

other {  required;

The indicated module is available in the webapps/<mywebap>/WEB-INF/lib as
part of a .jar.

I also have added the following line to the catalina.policy file of tomcat
and started catalina using the "startup -security" command.

      permission java.util.SecurityPermission

The addition of the line above doesn't seem to make any impression
whatsoever. Any hints and suggestions are warmly welcomed, since I am out of
clues, tried whatever I could think of and am facing my Waterloo here.



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