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From Tony Vinayak <>
Subject Multiple Tomcat workers (using mod_jk)
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 04:04:02 GMT

I've got a couple of quick newbie questions:
Environment: Apache 1.3.20 on Solaris 8; Tomcat 3.2 (using mod_jk); Apache
and Tomcat running on the same box.

If I configure and run multiple Tomcat workers on the same machine
(listening on different ports of course), and let's say they are all using
ajp13 connector, do all those workers run in the SAME of DIFFERENT VM ?

The reason I ask is that I've got a thread-unsafe servle that I want to
deploy implementing "SingleThreadModel" across multiple concurrent instances
of Tomcat, allowing concurrent requests to be processes. As the request gets
into Apache, using mod_rewrite I want to direct it to one of the several
Tomcat workers.


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