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From "Joshua van Tonder" <>
Subject Jars in WEB-INF/lib and RMI stubs in WEB-INF/classes not found
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:47:58 GMT
How does classloading work in tomcat 3.2.2?

In deploying my application I am having problems getting classes loaded
aren't on the system classpath. I changed the tomcat.bat so that the
generated classpath doesn't doesn't include the system classpath and only
includes things built by the batch file.

I have placed log4j.jar and crimson.jar into WEB-INF/lib for my app.

For other reasons crimson.jar needs to be 1st on the classpath (specifically
b4 parser.jar) and I so try adding it by doing like so in batch file:

set CP=%TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\MYAPP\WEB-INF\lib\crimson.jar;%CP%

But it isn't found. If I instead do: CP=%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\crimson.jar it
also isn't found.

Only if I place it outside of %TOMCAT_HOME% and reference it are classes

The wierd thing is that I can place log4j.jar in the %TOMCAT_HOME% and have
things work (but also can't find classes from it if it's added to classpath
referenced from WEB-INF/lib).

This also extends to rmi stubs in the WEB-INF/classes directory. Other
classes from our app in this dir our found except for the stubs.

any ideas, I'm stu[bb|mp]ed...

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