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From "Nick Torenvliet" <>
Subject Get Friggin Verisign Working on Tomcat 4.0 Standalone How To - The Official Thread
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 14:33:04 GMT

Hi guys I''ve been searching through various sources like the list archives,
responses(thanks) to
my previous posts and I've got two things to offer.

First the observation that a lot of us are struggling with getting third
party services like verisign
to work on tomcat standalone.

Second I can give what I have so far which I believe is useful, I hope
someone can move this subject to
the next level for us.  I'm running tomcat4.0 and jdk1.4(which includes the
At this point I have certificates and https running on my lan.  The pretty
little lock shows up on IE6
whenever one of my pcs requests tomcat to serve up some html.
I got to this point by following the instructions at
word for word.

I found how to generate a CSR which was stumping a bunch of us, it was in a
SAMS book on J2 I bought
a while back from a bargain table(to think my wife thought it was useless),
the command is

keytool -certreq -keystore /root/.keystore -alias tomcat -file mycsr

This command uses the keystore I created by following the the ssl how to in
/root/.keystore, and the alias
I used (again from the ssl how to)being tomcat and saves that highly coveted
csr that you can send to verisign
in the file mycsr.  I almost cried when I saw the csr, it was just like on
versign's website sob

Anyways I am going to send off my csr now, and anyone who would like to
finish this
"get friggin verisign working howto" please do so I can go home on time

Love ya all Nick

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