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From "Willie Vu" <>
Subject form login page is not encoded when cookie is disabled
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:39:56 GMT
I have the following problem when cookie (on my computer and per-session) is
disabled.  I'm using IE 5.5 and Tomcat 3.2.3.

I set up a restricted area for URL pattern /user.  Before I login, I go to
http://localhost:8080/abc/user/index.jsp.  Tomcat automatically forwards to
the form login page http://localhost:8080/abc/login.jsp.  In theory, after I
login successfully, Tomcat will forward me to the original location, i.e.
http://localhost:8080/abc/user/index.jsp.  However, it doesn't happen that
way in reality.  Tomcat doesn't forward at all.  The problem is that Tomcat
doesn't URL rewrite the form login page, so the tomcat.auth.originalLocation
is lost (null) when I reach the form login page -

Am I correct on the explanation of the problem?  If so, any resolution?  If
I'm wrong in anyway, please let me know.



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