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Subject desperate: Tomcat complaining my servlet is not a servlet
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:19:51 GMT
I'm in a bind here and would sure appreciate some help. I just upgraded 
to tomcat 4.0 and am trying to deploy servlets that previously deployed 
without problem under Tomcat 3.2. Under 4.0 my servlets fail to load 
producing the following log output:

2001-09-27 15:49:43 StandardWrapper[/fms:default]: Loading container 
servlet default
2001-09-27 15:49:43 default: init
2001-09-27 15:49:43 StandardWrapper[/fms:initFms]: Marking servlet 
initFms as unavailable
2001-09-27 15:49:43 StandardContext[/fms]: Servlet /fms threw load() 
javax.servlet.ServletException: Class com.sprint.fms.servlet.InitFms is 
not a Servlet

I'm pretty desperate right now because we are due to go into testing 
tomorrow. (I know, upgrading at this point wasn't too smart). I'll 
start digging into the docs but I have no idea where to look. Any 
pointers would be greatly appreciated. 


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