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From "Paul Kofon" <>
Subject Strange NullPointerException Error in t4.0b7
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Hi All,
I recently downloaded and installed Tomcat 4.0 b7. I found it to be quite 
responsive and remarkably faster than it's predecessors. However, my joy was 
short-lived when I found out an application which I had written and 
extensively tested under Tomcat 3.2.2. was not working in the T4.0 b7 
environment - I kept getting a NullPointerException error. I snooped around 
a bit and found out that the following piece of code was the culprit:

File directory = new File("../webapps/humantrack/forms");
File files[] = directory.listFiles();

Now, here's the strange thing: "directory" isn't null but the array, 
files[], is! This code works without change in T3.2.2 as files[] doesn't 
return a null value. What's wrong?



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