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From "Surya Jakhotia" <>
Subject Help with Tomcat and its path
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:00:10 GMT
Hi guys,
     I am using Tomcat as a servlet container with Apache SSL as the
webserver. I have my servlets in the TOMCAT_HOME\webapps path and one of
these servlets need these DLL's and also need to read this text file. Now my 
question is where does tomcat actually look for these files in. What if I 
want it to look into a specific path. I had tough time with this and finally 
I just copied these DLLs everywhere under tomcat (and I guess it worked when 
I put them under bin) but for soem reason thats not the case with the text 
file which I want it to read. It just keeps saying in the console window for 
tomcat that it couldn't find the specified text file. Please help me with 
this. I appreciate all ur guys help. Thanks in advance.


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