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From Shay Mandel <>
Subject RE: isapi-redirect - is there a way to use it as case in-sensitiv e
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:03:23 GMT
Thanks for the response.
I am not running a multiple web site machine, but I do have 2 contexts. The
problem is that I am porting an site that was written in ASP, and the name
of the context there was not case sensitive. Now I have clients around the
world that use it in different cases, and I want to help them, and not force
them to change the url's they are using.

Is there an implementation/version with this case insesitivity already? I
guess the case sensitivity of the tomcat can be solved, if the redirector
rewrites the url according to what it finds in the properies file.


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From: David Rosenstark []
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 10:49 AM
To: Shay Mandel
Subject: RE: isapi-redirect - is there a way to use it as case
in-sensitiv e

You would have to change the source code to do that and have it do a case
insensitive comparison.
However, you would have the following problem even if you fixed the
redirect, tomcat is case sensitive so it would only be able to deal with the
correct case and would not be able to serve up any of the others,
Are you running on a multiple web site machine?

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> From: Shay Mandel []
> Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 12:28 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: isapi-redirect - is there a way to use it as case 
> in-sensitive
> Hi All,
> Is there a way to configure the isapi-redirect.dll to use the 
> URIs in the
> file, as case insensitive strings? 
> for example, if
> the entry in the file is:
> /MyContext/mypage.jsp=ajp12
> I want the redirector to redirect to this context (MyContext) 
> requests that
> get to mycontext, Mycontext, MYCONTEXT etc.
> I can't find any good documentation about this ability, if it exists. 
> Shay.

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