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From Järkeborn Joacim <>
Subject RE: JSP vs. ASP
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 11:54:51 GMT
Some differences:

A ASP page is compiled into memory (every time it's accessed I think)

A JSP page is pre-processed into a Java class (*.java, Servlet) and then compiled (*.class).
This happens ONE time only. If the JSP-page has changed it's being processed again. Everything
is on disk. Then it's executed as Servlet.
It takes a little more time at first but then are faster than ASP.

Best regards

Joacim Järkeborn

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> From: Andrej Rosenheinrich []
> Sent: den 21 september 2001 13:44
> To:
> Subject: JSP vs. ASP
> Hello,
> writing servlets now for a while i am wondering, whats the big 
> difference in comparison to asp. Not knowing a lot about asp, 
> what are 
> the differences, how to argument in favour or against servlets, and 
> where can i find more informations?
> thanks, and have a nice weekend!
> Andrej

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