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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Where can I find the WebApp connector windows binary for Tomcat RC2?
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2001 17:52:13 GMT
"Marcel Maré" <> wrote:

> The subject says it all. Or should I use the Tomcat B7 version? That one
> didn't work at all....

After B7 we integrated some new code for Netscape and Apache 2.0, and
there's not yet a binary distribution available.

If you're referring to this as the one version which "didn't work at all":
<> this won't be fixed
and shipped with 4.0 final. It's a week I'm banging my head over it, and
decided that I prefer to come up with a better planned solution rather than
rush Windows support into 4.0 final.

4.0 final will support UNIX and binaries for that platform will be
available, because of bug 3509, Windows support will be again considered
"experimental" until that one doesn't get hunted down for good (probably a
couple of weeks more).


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