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From nbd95 <>
Subject Re: Help: Tomcat 3.2.3 and Apache on FreeBSD **Java newbie**
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 17:36:41 GMT
Ahhh, ignore <tomcat_home>conf/tomcat-apache.conf

Add webapps/admin and webapps/test to mod_jk.conf. Restart everything and
now core,admin,test,examples all work. Though I cannot get a welcome or
index page to work, accessing examples/jsp/ does provide a directory

Still digging.


on 9/13/01 9:53 AM, nbd95 at wrote:

> Thank you Plamen! I can now run the core files. I am still having some
> problems with failures on the majority of the examples *.jsp from the core
> cd though. I'm looking into it, I'll post again if I can't find an answer.
> Two questions and an observation.
> First, as installed by default I'm able to execute both
> <tomcat_home>/webapps/examples and <tomcat_home>/webapps/core (my app) but
> am unable to execute <tomcat_home>/webapps/admin. I don't see anything in
> the *.conf files to prevent this, why?
> Second,  can anyone suggest a url/book/diet for more documentation? The
> provided docs are well written and doubtless make sense to to many, but for
> new users they are very vague.
> Observation, all docs give example and make reference to adding the line
> "Include <tomcat_home>/conf/tomcat-apache.conf"
> to my httpd.conf. This causes apache to fail, not being able to open
> "/usr/local/./logs/mod_jserv.log" I can find no reference to "mod_jserv.log"
> in any file in <tomcat_home>/conf/*. Besides, I don't seem to need this line
> as tomcat appears to work.
> I appreciate everyone's indulgence here,
> DAve

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