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From nbd95 <>
Subject Re: Help: Tomcat 3.x/ 4.x and FreeBSD
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:01:30 GMT
on 9/12/01 12:07 PM, Paul Kofon at wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just got a request from a friend of mine to help him build a portal for
> his office. Now, he would like to keep using his server which runs FreeBSD.
> I don't have any experience with this OS, however, I'm willing to help my
> friend. My questions are these:
> 1. Which JDK should I use?
> 2. Is anyone running Tomcat 3.x or 4.x successfully on FreeBSD? If yes, I'd
> appreciate a brief "how-to".
> Thanks in advance.
> Paul

I just installed Tomcat on a FreeBSD 4.1 system and it's working fine,
though I don't yet know how to use it 8^(

Two solutions,

1) Use the ports collection which works very well and will install a running
Tomcat-Apache solution. Requires FreeBSD 4.2+. This in the method I used
though I did install a new Apache using a FreeBSD layout (not included with
Apache src).

2) Follow the instructions from the Tomcat web site. Requires you have
already setup the JDK and JavaVMWrapper. I used JDK 1.1.8 and Javavmwrapper
1.1. I've done this as well and it worked also.

I would be happy to send more detail if needed.


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