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From Jeremy McMullin <>
Subject Tomcat / applet --> servlet questions...
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:01:09 GMT
Hi List,
I have an applet developed by someone else with it's own predefined
directory structure:
Base Folder
--->Images Folder
--->Symantec Folder (classes not developed by the previous developer)
--->other folders...
--->Applet's Class Files
--->HTML file (containing applet)

I have been asked to look into the possibility of adding a DB input
facility. I've found code to do an Applet to Servlet communication. I
believe you can pass a serialised object from the applet to the servlet
which will then accomplish the DB functionality (insert of info from the
object passed by the applet).
We have Tomcat on our development server but this whole area is new to me.
My original training was in ASP etc and we're trying to convert into the
JSP/servlet market.

I've tried to put the entire Base Folder as above into the server's
directory structure like:
Therefore, for instance the HTML file which contains the applet has an URL

When I load this file, the applet window is blank. When I rollover it I can
see a ClassNotFound error for a class in the Symantec folder (see the
directory structure above). When I first got the applet from my client, I
saved all the files to my desktop and ran the HTML file and I didn't get
this error - everything was fine!
This obviously has something to do with the directory structure and Tomcat.
I can't change the directory structure because then the class references in
the existing applet code will not work!
I just want to get the Applet to "talk" to a servlet I haven't even written
and I can't even get the applet to work now that I've moved it onto our
development server...GRRR

I'm sure I'm doing something stupid and I'd appreciate if someone could help
me out - any ideas/suggestions
J mc

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