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From Sukhwinder Singh <>
Subject No one answering my question (security realted problem)
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 21:14:27 GMT
  This is the third time I am sending email. No one is replying.

 I have downloaded tomcat version 3.2.3 source code and compiled it on my
windows 95 machine with Sun JDk 1.3.1. I also had to download JSSE because
there was no option to compile without ssl support. If these classes are not
in classpath then source doesn't compile. My problem is when after compiling
distribution when I try to start tomcat following errors is produced:

FATAL Configuration error:
java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation

I have followed that steps provided in SSL howto about making entry in java
security file and using keytool.
For password it is written that password can be "changeit" but when keytool
asks about alias tomcat password what should be entered. (i.e. what is the
tomcat admin password).

Please help me in solving above problem because I am unable to start tomcat.

Is there any option to compile tomcat without ssl support?

Sukhwinder Singh

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