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From Ed Nixon <>
Subject Re: the saga continues: cocoon2rc1a with tomcat4.0 (as a service on win2K)
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:43:15 GMT
I have an apology to make. I should have checked this post for accuracy and 
more detail

It looks as if cocoon 2 and tomcat 4 (as a service on win2k) do function, 
at least with regard to the demo page and links -- at least as long as the 
initial execution of the cocoon.war file, creation of the cocoon 
subdirectory, etc has been completed.

The problems I was having yesterday were occurring each time I tried to 
access http://localhost:8080/cocoon/ *for the first time*. Those of you who 
understand how this all hangs together better than I do may have a 
plausible explanation for why this might be the case.

thanks and again apologies for wasted bandwidth and 
time.                    ...edN

At 09:27 AM 26/09/2001 -0400, Ed Nixon wrote:
>This is a continuation of a thread begun yesterday on cocoon-users. I've 
>cross posted in the hopes that the feedback and solutions will be quicker.
>According to various sources, cocoon2rc1a and tomcat4 can be run together if:
>- crimson.jar and jaxp.jar in the tomcat_home/common/lib directory are 
>replaced by xerxes and xalan from the cocoon2 distribution.
>- all other steps in the build, install documentation are completed as 
>documented for tomcat4.0
>this enables the cocoon demo pages to be run, provided the tomcat server 
>is operating in console mode.
>On win2k it is possible to run tomcat as a service. Because of issues with 
>classpaths when running as a service, the cocoon servlet environment does 
>not work. notes this problem and 
>suggests changes to a file called tomcat_home\conf\ to 
>update classpath information regarding xerxes and xalan presumably.
>Unfortunately does not exist in my/the tomcat4.0 
>distribution. this is the windows MSI installation package. 
>( does not exist in the zip distribution either, by the way.)
>Can anyone suggest
>- whether classpaths are in fact the issue with cocoon2, tomcat and win2k 
>- where to find the file(s) in tomcat that duplicate the functionality of 
> with respect to classpaths?
>thanks for your help.                    ...edN
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