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From Clifford Lang <>
Subject Re: Repost -- tomcat-4.0-b7 startup failure (can't find org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpConnector)
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:40:56 GMT
Still no responses.  Does this mean no one else has had this problem?  How 
can I track it down?  Is there something in my CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME that is 
messing this up?

Please help - I need to get this running and have wiped-out/re-installed 
TC4.0-b7 several times.

TIA, Cliff

At 10:08 AM 8/31/2001 -0400, Cliff Lang wrote:
>Platform: Win2000
>JDK: jdk1.3.1
>J2EE: j2sdk1.3 beta 2
>Tried both the jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7.exe, and zip files, and both fail the 
>same on startup.
>Everything looks right - warp.jar in server/lib  -
>Even if I include server/lib/warp.jar in my classpath catalina still 
>doesn't find the WarpConnector class.
>Any bugs I've missed?
>Thanks,  Cliff
>#########  startup #########
>count = 0, total = 34
>ERROR reading .\conf\server.xml
>At Line 304 /Server/Service/Connector/ 
>className=org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpConnector port=8008 
>minProcessors=5 maxProcessors=75 enableLookups=true
>acceptCount=10 debug=0
>Catalina.start: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 

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