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From William Hovingh <>
Subject Probable FAQ entry: Is Tomcat4+mod_webapp+Apache-1.3.xx ready for prime time?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:18:56 GMT
My sysadmin and I are in the process of building a new web/app server to 
replace our existing installation.  It seems an opportune time to make 
the move upward in API and app server (i.e., to move from Tomcat3.2 to 
Catalina, hence moving to the recently released servlet and JSP specs).

However, my sysadmin had some difficulty building mod_webapp, and did 
not find a lot of documentation of the build process out there.  She has 
consequently asked me if I'm *sure* I want to use Catalina+mod_webapp 
with our Apache, "Since," as she says, "it's so new."

So, is it ready?  I'm pretty confident from what I've read that Catalina 
itself is stable, tested, and ready.  I'm a little unsure about 
mod_webapp and the Warp connector.  Pier, Henri, others: how "ready" are 
they?  Pier especially: is mod_webapp final, stable, or still beta?

(I *don't* mean these questions to sound critical of *anyone's* work 
here.  I just need a little more data before I go back to my sysadmin 
with a recommendation.)

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