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From Luc Vanlerberghe <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 Final claims '/WEB-INF/web.xml not found' for /examples
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 11:34:23 GMT
Peter Ferne wrote:

>I have an application which runs fine on Tomcat 3.2.3 and I am trying to run
>it on Tomcat 4.0 Final.  I have successfully installed a binary distrib on
>my W2K machine.  I can see the default index.html and I can run
>/manager/list etc.  My epv.war file has been unpacked by Tomcat as I would
>expect and the /manager application claims that my app and all the default
>contexts are running, lets me restart them etc.  However when I try and
>invoke the application via http://localhost/epv or ...epv/ I get '404
>resource (/) is unavailable'.
>Even stranger I get the same thing for the /examples context, which
>complains about (/) and (/jsp) being unavailable.  Looking through the
>examples log file I see:
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 WebappLoader[/examples]: Deploying class repositories to
>work directory C:\Program Files\Apache
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 WebappLoader[/examples]: Reloading checks are enabled
>for this Context
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 StandardManager[/examples]: Seeding random number
>generator class
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 StandardManager[/examples]: Seeding of random number
>generator has been completed
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 ContextConfig[/examples]: Missing application web.xml,
>using defaults only
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 StandardWrapper[/examples:default]: Loading container
>servlet default
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 default: init
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 StandardWrapper[/examples:invoker]: Loading container
>servlet invoker
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 invoker: init
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 StandardWrapper[/examples:jsp]: Using Jasper classloader
>for servlet jsp
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 jsp: init
>2001-09-28 08:45:25 Internal Error: File /WEB-INF/web.xml not found
>...and yet %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\web.xml clearly does
>exist, I checked (it's the default).
>It seems like it must be a general configuration issue of some kind and not
>anything specific to my app.  The strange this is that it is all completely
>vanilla (apart from the fact that I changed the port from 8080 to 80 in
>server.xml), I just downloaded and installed the binary, dropped my epv.war
>file in and restarted.
>I've tried searching the mailing list archives to no avail, and I've already
>stripped everything out from my jre/lib/ext directory in case of conflicts.
>But no luck.
>Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Not surprisingly this
>is all on a very tight schedule. :-)
>Peter Ferne, VP of Engineering, E-people Ventures Limited
>tel +44 (0)870 733 0456  fax +44 (0)870 733 0457
>mob +44 (0)701 0701 427  web
>e-people...deliver digital business
I had the same problem a few days ago and it took me ages before I found 
the solution...
I was planning to send an email containing a description of the problem 
and the solution, but never got round to actually doing it :(

On my machine the problem can occur if tomcat is installed in a path 
that contains subdirectories with a name that is longer than the 8.3 
format. (e.g.: on my machine c:\java\jakarta-tomcat-4.0)
If you are in the bin directory and the command prompt shows e.g.: 
C:\java\JAKART~1.0\bin> (note the mangled part of the path) then 
entering startup will start catalina, but the webapps are not found.
If you are in the bin directory and the command prompt shows e.g.: 
c:\java\jakarta-tomcat-4.0\bin (note: no mangled parts) then entering 
startup will start catalina and all webapps will function correctly.

At first I thought that the "C:\java\JAKART~1.0\bin" meant I had used 
the legacy by mistake but executing "cd 
c:\java\jakarta-tomcat-4.0\bin" restores the prompt and you can start 
catalina correctly.

I don't know why catalina can find some files (its own .jar files, 
resources, etc) but not the webapp files (e.g.: WEB-INF/web.xml) if it 
is started from a mangled directory name (normally they should be 
interchangable), but there's definately a windows compatibility probem 

Luc Vanlerberghe

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