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From "P.Miller" <>
Subject [off-topic JDBC] Wildcard search allows only 3 characters
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:45:32 GMT
Hello Gents,

Once again I come with a question which is a bit out off topic, but I
don't know if the problem is on the Oracle or the tomcat side so I post
it here too:

I'm writing a database web-application (NT 4.0 / Apache 1.3.20/Tomcat
3.2.3/ORACLE 8.0.5) and have the following strange problem:

I've some input fields of type <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ponumber"
then I put this value in my query string.
Now what happens is: all goes fine if I search for ex. %123%.
But if I take more than 3 characters (%1234%) I allways get: No records
It's the same behaviour in every field I set up like this one.
(I test it with SQL, if it would be some oracle-specific stuff but there
it worked).

Does anybody knows what I'm doing wrong here?
I would be very thankful for every help I can get.

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