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From Thad Humphries <>
Subject Re: tomcat has to be restarted every few hours (resent, mailserver errors)
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:30:25 GMT

I had the same problem--an application that ran fine in Linux (RedHat 
6.2) and would lock up on Solaris 2.7 and 2.6.  Both systems with JDK 
1.3.1, Tomcat 3.2.3, & Apache 1.3.20.  It would eventually stall and 
require restarting.  Sometimes it would go several hours.  Sometimes it 
would lock up on the 2d or 3d access.

I never conclusively resolved where the problem was coming from but I 
have seemed to fix it.  My index.jsp was loading a session bean and 
several frames that used the bean.  From the next exceptions that were 
being thrown, I guessed there was a race condition on loading the bean 
in  JVM on Solaris.  I rewrote the application to call the session bean 
only once in the initial index.jsp and its frames.  Since then it has 
run fine--repeated new user hits and no lockups. wrote:

>Hi all,
>On my RH 6.2 system, with 1 G RAM, I notice that after Tomcat 3.2.3
>has been running for a few hours, when visitors click on links on the
>site, they will get errors like 404 page not found, or unable to
>compile jsp page, or an error has occurred in the java compiler,
>please file a bug report to Sun, or Java out of memory errors.
>For any given page, the error message may change to another after one
>clicks on refresh.
>The longer Tomcat is up, the more pages are affected.
>Only solution is to restart Tomcat.
>Any help on this? We're using jdk 1.1.8 (have to)
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