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From Pete and/or Dale <pete&>
Subject Re: why tomcat
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 21:22:13 GMT
J2EE is a specification, not an actual product. Tomcat is the 
implementation of part of that spec (Servlet/JSP) whereas the  BEA 
 WebLogic server is an  implementation of the full (ish) specification. 
 Quick answer: you do not need tomcat or the J2EE reference 
implementation if you have WebLogic (although many on this list would 
probably argue that you should dump the BEA stuff instead....)



Huaxin wrote:

>Maybe I am confusing, but I don't know if I still need
>TOm-cat or even J2EE if I have BEA-Weblogic.
>It seems to me BEA-Weblogic can do the job at least for
>Thanks a lot!

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