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From pete <>
Subject Re: finding
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 07:35:05 GMT
As a first approach, i would modify (tomcat.bat i think if 
youre in windoze) to explicitly add c:\jdk1.3\lib\tools.jar to the 
classpath that tomcat uses. If that still fails, then the problem must 
be with your paths, or a corrupt tools.jar, though i doubt the latter 
would be the cause.


>PLEASE can someone help. I'm running the JDK1.3 and Tomcat 3.2.3.  All the 
>examples compile but, when I try to call up a simple JSP page, I get an error 
>that it can't find  I have C:\JDK1.3\LIB\TOOLS.JAR in 
>BOTH the classpath and in the path (for Win 98) set in the autoexec.bat.  I 
>hunted down the 'offending' call and found this in
> * The default compiler. This is the javac present in JDK 1.1.x and
> * JDK 1.2.  
> *
> * At some point we need to make sure there is a class like this for
> * JDK 1.3, and other javac-like animals that people want to use. 
> *
> * @author Anil K. Vijendran
>Is this the problem?  Surely it's in tools.jar?  So why can't Tomcat find it?
>I'm STUCK!! Someone out there help, please.
>Madeleine Wright

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