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From "Navarro, Jose" <>
Subject ipchains - apache - tomcat - Help!!!
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 10:32:39 GMT

I'm trying to make apache 1.3.14-3 and tomcat 3.2.1 work together in a
RedHat 7.0 box. I've just compiled my own and run everyting
according the instructions.

Well, as usually happens, tomcat works fine in standalone mode. But as is it
also usual, I have problems when I try to run the examples through apache.

After taking a look to mod_jk.log, I noticed that some errors concerning
sockets to be open were reported there. After that, I decided (don't ask
why, it was kind of a vision) to tail the "messages" log file created by
ipchains, the firewall we're using. Bingo! Every time I try to run a jsp, my
firewall begins to report unauthorized accesses. Curiously, it doesn't
matter whether I try to do it from the outside world or from behind the
firewall (?).

This seems to lead to the conclusion (correct me if I'm wrong) that apache
mod_jk cannot work properly since the firewall is bloking its way to tomcat.

Well, I'm a real novice in everything related to linux, so I would like to
ask for some help. Could you please tell me which ports should I open (and
how according to the ipchains syntax) to allow mod_jk do its work?

PLEASE, CC: me to, since I'm not subscribed to this
list. The number of messages you get per hour is simply overwhelming!

Thanks alot for your help and interest!


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