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From (Peter Shankey)
Subject RE: Re: 4.0 b7 how to do JDBC
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:29:33 GMT
Are you saying:
Assuming the source is /u80/w4/jh/jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7-src
I would put jdbc2_0-stdext.jar and the vendor jdbc driver in 
/u80/w4/jh/jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7-src/lib and do a

or are you saying
Assuming the distribution is /u80/w4/jh/jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7-src/dist I would put jdbc2_0-stdext.jar
and the vendor jdbc driver in 
 /u80/w4/jh/jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7-src/dist/lib  ??

I am really not to sure what WEB-INF does so I am pretty lost there.



Pier Fumagalli <> wrote:

>"Peter Shankey" <> wrote:
>> OS ver Solaris 8
>> In BUILDING.txt it says the Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 API classes
>> FIXME:  Properties for mail.jar, activation.jar, jdbc2_0-stdext.jar,
>> jta-spec1_0_1.jar, tyrex-
>> In the and build.xml it never referances the JDBC driver. My
>> question are:
>> * Because 4.0 is not including the jars will I be able to connect to a Oracle
>>   db?
>> * How can I include the jars in the build?
>> * If not what are the work-a-arounds?
>Include the DB driver of your choice in WEB-INF/lib into your web
>application, or in CATALINA_HOME/lib, in the binary tree, and you're set...
>Those JARs are required at compile time...
>    Pier

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