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From "Shailesh S. Gokhale" <>
Subject >> Apache/Tomcat Config <<
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 01:51:41 GMT

Hello all!

I have a few questions regarding Apache/Tomcat collaboration. I will be very thankful if someone
clears my doubts.

1. I understand that Tomcat can work with any (supported) web server in two modes - 'In Proc'
and 'Out of Proc'. I have successfully configured Tomcat (Out of Proc) to work with Apache.
The question is how can I make it work 'In Proc' with Apache?
2. In relation to the above, there seem to be two available adapters for the Apache/Tomcat
collaboration in the Windows environment. One is ApacheModuleJServ.dll and another is mod_jk.dll.
[The second one replaces a more complex adapter (mod_jserv.dll) available earlier and no longer
used]. My question is what is the difference between the two - that is ApacheModuleJServ.dll
and mod_jk.dll?

Many Thanks
Shailesh Gokhale 

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