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From "C. Schlegelmilch" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat consistently crashes Win2000 Server operating system
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:36:21 GMT
We had this problem with the computer labs at the
university.  We had the network admin check out the
error message and he was stumped.  Best guess was a
memory protection issue.  

A few things we did helped reduce the frequency of
these system crashes but nothing full-proof.  Turning
off any personal firewall and antivirus software was
just the ticket for most of the machines.  As well, we
noticed that there was some sort of conflict between
Tomcat and the win2k web services.  We turned them off
and that helped a bit.

One odd thing.  If you "prime" your server by making
the first request to your web app from another node on
your network, any other successive request to
localhost:8080 on your server machine will work
without taking out your system.  Go figure...

 --- Gregory Baytler <> wrote: > I
had jdk1.3.1 installed on my win2000 server.
> I am able to run applets and servlets OK, but I
> would like to create a JSP
> application.
> At first, I installed Tomcat 3.0 and created system
> variables: JAVA_HOME and
> I go to dos and cd into directory where startup.bat
> is, then startup Tomcat.
> Tomcat 3.0 would startup OK, but as soon as I enter
> http://localhost:8080/
> into the browser, I get NT blue screen memory dump.
> So, I installed
> jdk1.2.2 - same thing
> happened. Then I installed Tomcat 3.2.3 - now I was
> able to get to Tomcat's
> default page, but as soon as I click on Examples
> link, it crashes windows
> again. And also, since then I was not able to even
> get to default page
> anymore. As soon as I enter http://localhost:8080/
> into the browser, I get
> NT blue screen with memory dump. Can somebody give
> me any clues on to what
> in the world is going on?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Gregory Baytler

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