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From "Brendan McKenna" <>
Subject Re: JDBC Connection Pool Theory ??
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:13:23 GMT
Hi Jon, said:
: What I want to know is how much of a difference connection pooling
: really makes? My application isn't taking a lot of hits, so, maybe if
: it was, I would notice the difference, but, right now, I see no need
: to use connection pooling.

: Jon 

	Part of the reason behind connection pooling is simply that 
building a connection to the database can be quite expensive (in terms 
of time), so in order to make your application appear more responsive, 
having a pool of pre-built connections which you can use right away 
makes the overall response time that much shorter, since each request 
isn't going through the effort of building (and, at the end, tearing 
down) the database connection.

	It's entirely possible that you feel that the responsiveness of 
your application is adequate at the moment, if you're not getting a lot 
of traffic, that's certainly reasonable.  It's just that the facility 
is there, should your application's user base grow to the point where 
you need it.  No one's holding a gun to your head and insisting that 
you should use it.

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