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From Allan Kamau <>
Subject RE: JSP vs. ASP
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:36:15 GMT
The main difference is that JSPs and Servlets make use
of the rich API offered by Java, while asp uses
scripting languages VBscript/JScript but could be made
more powerful with the use of COM and DCOM objects to
encapsulate business logic and gain speed and other
benefits of using objects. Through JSP and Servlets
one could access JavaBeans and better still EJBs. Once
you look deeper into the underlying differences in
technologies and viability using many factors of
Java:JavaBeans/EJB and Microsoft's VB/VC++/C# and
VB.NET then you will come to a conclusion on the
better option.
I my case Java and the open source wins over Microsoft
and it's technologies because of various factors; I
like developing in a strict OO environ, I live in
Kenya and I can't afford develop and deploy on
expensive Microsoft software, the richness of the Java
API and the availability of open source software which
is normally easily intergrated into Java projects, and
finally opensource software in most cases seems to
outperform Microsoft software in terms of Power though
you in most cases Microsoft tools are easier to learn
and work with: that is in the short term not to
mention vendor lockup .

Hope this will help you make your own choice.


--- Järkeborn_Joacim
<> wrote:
> Some differences:
> A ASP page is compiled into memory (every time it's
> accessed I think)
> A JSP page is pre-processed into a Java class
> (*.java, Servlet) and then compiled (*.class). This
> happens ONE time only. If the JSP-page has changed
> it's being processed again. Everything is on disk.
> Then it's executed as Servlet.
> It takes a little more time at first but then are
> faster than ASP.
> Best regards
> Joacim Järkeborn
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Andrej Rosenheinrich
> []
> > Sent: den 21 september 2001 13:44
> > To:
> > Subject: JSP vs. ASP
> > 
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > writing servlets now for a while i am wondering,
> whats the big 
> > difference in comparison to asp. Not knowing a lot
> about asp, 
> > what are 
> > the differences, how to argument in favour or
> against servlets, and 
> > where can i find more informations?
> > 
> > thanks, and have a nice weekend!
> > Andrej
> > 

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