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From "ravi shankar" <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp + Tomcat 4 + Apache
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 07:29:07 GMT
hi laurens,

it depends on where u r going to deploy the appln.if it is for a client,u'll be better off
using 3.0 because it's stabler and if any probs do come up,u can post it to the list.after
all does not the old software mantra 
"older the better" hold good!!!


On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 Laurens Fridael wrote :
>When would the mod_webapp/Tomcat4/Apache combination be 
>ready for production
>use? Is anyone using this combination already? In the 
>release notes of Beta
>7 it is stated that the combination does work but there 
>are some limitations
>pertaining to basic authentication. I'm using form 
>authentication so that
>limitation is not an issue.
>Am I correct in saying that Tomcat 4 is already better 
>than Tomcat 3 despite
>it not being labeled "Final" yet (because the Servlet 
>2.3 specs haven't yet
>been finalized)? I don't want to learn having to 
>configure Tomcat 3 when the
>latest and greatest is just around the corner.


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