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From Carsten Kaemmerer>
Subject Re: Tomcat and Input-Output streams
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 09:32:31 GMT

> everything works fine.  My question now is, why?  and, where can I get
> some information about Tomcat and the IO files?  I realized that
> Tomcat writes my database log file to "/etc/init.d/" (where the tomcat
> startup script is) I guess that with my previos implementation Tomcat
> searched for the "" file in that same directory.  Why
> Tomcat behaves like this?  How can I control the exact location of my
> IO files?

I had similar problems.  tomcat doesn't change his cwd to something
intelligent.  Instead it stays where it is started (/etc/init.d in your

My solution was to change the tomcat-starting script in /etc/init.d:
I simply make an 'cd /to/where/tomcats/cwd/should/be' before starting

You know what I mean?


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