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From "Pae Choi" <>
Subject Re: Client Authentication in Tomcat
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:52:03 GMT

Get the JSSE(or similar one) and it comes with a couple of samples if I remember
correctly. Also, spend some time to J2 Core Security package as well as Java
Security Forums at sun site and You should have a plenty
of samples and sufficient stuff to start with. Nothing to it. And welcome to the
security world.


> Hi all and thanks in advance (and sorry, my english is quiet bad :( ...
> Well, my problem is that i generate a server certificate and a key with =
> openssl.
> Later i import this certificate and key in a keystore (usign keytool and =
> a java program called ImportKey).
> I configure tomcat for SSL and client authentication to yes.
> My problem is how can i store the CA public key (for validating client =
> certificate) in the keystore to make it work ...
> Please it's quiet important, HELP ME !!!!!!
> Thanks,
> ============================
> Ricardo Borillo Domenech
> Programació - Servei d'Informàtica
> Universitat Jaume I
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