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From "David Rault" <>
Subject [tomcat4] url-patterns
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 16:48:24 GMT
Hi everybody

we (my company)  are currently preparing the deployement of a J2EE 1.3 web
application under Apache/Tomcat (apache 1.3.20 & tomcat 4 final)

first i will expose my main problem and
then i'll expose a secondary problem i've found while trying to find a
solution to the 1st one


My objective is :
we need to map virtual directories to a specific servlet:
the url-pattern /*/index.jsp should be mapped to MyApplicationController
(whatever directory index you call, you must be redirected to

but tomcat refuses this pattern

i found out it would only accept : "*.ext" or "/foo/*"-like patterns

does anybody know a way to do what i need ?


As a possible solution for that, i've looked into apache RewriteRules, which
might have the perfect solution
(rewriting in the web server all url the way i want them *before* tomcat
processes them) *but*
it seems the mod_webapp (which is used to connect catalina to apache) takes
the priority of mod_rewrite that performs the rewriting...
thus tomcat simply ignores rewrite rules....

does anybody know a way of stopping mod_webapp intercepting all requests ???

thanks a lot , any help will be really appreciated


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