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From "chris brown" <>
Subject Re: why tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:17:41 GMT
> Just been reading your postings.  Am I right in saying that Tomcat does
> support EJBs?  What about tomcat 4?

Tomcat isn't an "EJB container", but it can be an EJB client.  You can't
"host" EJBs within Tomcat them, but if you have an EJB container somewhere
else on your network, you can access these EJBs from Java code in Tomcat in
the same way as you would from any other client application.

Why would you do this?  Well, if you buy an expensive EJB host such, you may
prefer to use it simply for its advanced J2EE capabilities, and delegate all
web-serving and presentation issues (formatting info using JSP or serlvets
for example) to another machine, running Tomcat.  It's one way to do

Consider using Sun's Reference Implementation of Java Enterprise Edition ;
Tomcat is the in-built webserver and servlet/JSP engine, and can access
EJBs -- these EJBs are hosted by a different component of Sun's Reference


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