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From "Mihai Gheorghiu" <>
Subject Re: JDBC Connection Pool Theory ??
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:18:21 GMT
I've been looking at some pooling examples and I must admit I'm still not
clear whether it is possible to have db connections with the username and
password of the web/java user, or the database "sees" n connections with the
same username and password  generated by the pool manager. I want the
web/java usernane and pwd to be passed to the db for logging/signing
purposes. Can anyone please point me to some relevant
Thank you all.

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From: C. Schlegelmilch <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: JDBC Connection Pool Theory ??

>We had our web development class develop their own
>software for connection pooling.  These are extremely
>simple soluitons but they work quite well for the
>small to medium traffic they are likely to get.
>They are using "Professional Java Server Programming"
>as a reference and it has some interesting sections on
>Connection Pooling.  This is good if you're only
>running a simple application.  It was also noted that
>this resource did not address any synchronization
>issues which is very important (the last thing you
>want is two seperate threads getting a reference to
>the next free connection at the same time).  This is
>really the only big gottcha that we found in a simple
> --- Jon Shoberg <> wrote: >
>> Can anyone suggest or point to readings on JDBC
>> connection pool theory?
>> Something that covers how a pool is implemented,
>> best case / worst case
>> scenarios, tips and traps.
>> My next web application is looking to be very
>> database (mysql) intensive.
>> I would like a pooling mechanism that is VERY simple
>> to use, VERY light, low
>> overhead, and portable.  Having looked at packages
>> such as poolman, I
>> decided I need to learn a bit more about JDBC and
>> pooling in general.  Any
>> thoughts ?
>> Jon
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