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From José Juan Rodríguez <>
Subject changes with mod_webapp
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:05:43 GMT


with the old mod_jk connector I have the next configuration for a context:

Alias /plataforma "/opt/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1/webapps/myexample/public"
<Directory "/opt/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1/webapps/myexample/public">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
JkMount /myexample/servlet/* ptf12
JkMount /myexample/*.jsp ptf12

but with the new mod_webapp connector I don't know how I separate servlets
from the html content. What do I must to add to this new configuration for
the mod_webapp connector to have the same directory structure (all html,
javascript and images in the /public directory)??

WebAppConnection conn      warp  localhost:8018
WebAppDeploy     myexample      conn   /myexample

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