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From "Anthony Green" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat + gcj + LinuxPPC ?
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 22:22:06 GMT
Franck wrote:
> 1) Is there a quickstart howto or any kind of documentation somewhere to
> get me on the track ?

No, not yet.  There is a mailing list for questions (CC'd -, it's also archived on the web).  I'll try to
put something together in the next couple of days.

> 2) Would gcj-3.0 1:3.0.2-0pre010908 be new enough ? (there is a .deb for it
> that would make it easier for me) ?

Unfortunately not.  This is bleeding edge stuff, and requires the very latest
CVS sources for GCC (what will eventually become 3.1).  Follow these
instructions for building...

We're fixing runtime and compiler bugs as they are discovered, but I'm very
happy with what's working today.


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