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From "Tom Bruser" <>
Subject Help needed in accessing JBoss with TomCat 4
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 22:01:53 GMT
I am a new TomCat user and have recently decided to migrate from Orion.

I have searched at length but have been unable to find the right resource.
I need to get my JSP's, Servlets, and custom tags to talk to EJB's that are
alive in my JBoss installation.  I've been able to successfully connect via
a stand-alone application utilizing a file which contains
the following:


I've attempted to place this file in various places in my TomCat
installation yet I still receive the following exception when  attempting to
execute my JSP version of the previous stand-alone test application:

Root Cause:

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name com.americanrewardsclub.ejb.Sample
is not bound in this Context

If someone can give me an indication as to where I can configure TomCat 4.0
to use JBoss in this way (I cannot halt my development until JBoss make a
seamless integration and have had to migrate from Orion due to bugs which
have become development stoppers) I would greatly appreciate the help.

Tom Bruser
Web2Go Corporation

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