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From "Ruben" <>
Subject Re: Changing the Servlets Directory
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:02:06 GMT
this is the error when i try to compile a servlet using javac -g servlet

Compiling C:\java\c05\
Command line: "E:\jdk1.3\bin\javac.exe" -g  "C:\java\c05\"
The current directory is: C:\java\c05
C:\java\c05\ package javax.servlet does not exist
import javax.servlet.*;
C:\java\c05\ package javax.servlet.http does not exist
import javax.servlet.http.*;
C:\java\c05\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class HttpServlet
location: class SimpleServlet
public class SimpleServlet extends HttpServlet
C:\java\c05\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class HttpServletRequest
location: class SimpleServlet

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