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From "Saimon Moore" <>
Subject jsp:useBean tag issue in 4.0
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:39:44 GMT
I solved my own problem (Re: Big problem migrating to Tomcat 4.0:
generateEndComment()) after analysing the jsp source <I discovered that the
JasperException thrown (while executing .generateEndComment()) during
parsing was caused by a usebean tag closed in the 'extended' format i.e.

<jsp:useBean id="sessMB" class="dabacus.M_TablaBase" scope="session">
</jsp:useBean >

located in a jsp that was included in the page being called through <%@
include page="nameoffile.jsp" />

Once I changed it to the 'brief' form i.e.

<jsp:useBean id="sessMB" class="dabacus.M_TablaBase" scope="session" />

The exception was no longer thrown.

Any comments?


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