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From "Brett Knights" <>
Subject Re: Has anyone configured tomcat 4.0 with IIS???
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 12:12:36 GMT
In got TC4 working with IIS as follows:

Install a cvs client. I installed jvcs from
Check out the jakarta-tomcat-connectors module from

Follow the instructions under jakarta-tomcat-connectors. It requires Ant which is available

When you get to the point of building ajp.jar you may need to modify the build.xml file. It
assumes you have sources for TC33 and
TC4 installed on your machine and assumes a source file organization.

I made the following changes:

added properties:
	<property environment="env"/>
	<property name="tomcat3.skip" value="true"/>

modified and/or added the following property declarations:
	<property name="catalina.jar" location="${env.CATALINA_HOME}/server/lib/catalina.jar"/>
	<property name="servlet.jar" location="${env.CATALINA_HOME}/sommon/lib/servlet.jar"/>
	<property name="junit.jar" location="${env.JUNIT_HOME}/junit.jar"/>

and to the target build-main's javac task I added
	<exclude name="org/apache/ajp/tomcat33/**" if="tomcat3.skip"/>


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