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From Jan Labanowski <>
Subject RE: differences
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 13:29:11 GMT
It seems like you can either be correct or you have to make it easy for
people who refuse to read the background information.

"" is for the EAPI (Extended Application Programming Interface) of
Apache. You USUALLY need the EAPI when you install mod_ssl module for Apache.
But you can have Apache EAPI without having mod_ssl installed/loaded.
So, you can have the combinations:

  Apache + EAPI + (no mod_ssl) +

and you can have the combination

  Apache + EAPI + mod_ssl +

But you cannot have combination

  Apache + (no EAPI) + mod_ssl +


  Apache + (no EAPI) +

But you can have:

  Apache + (no EAPI) +

In other words, it is not if mod_ssl installed with Apache.
It is if Apache was patched to use EAPI. So the is a correct
name, and is not, since mod_jk variant does not depend on ssl
presence in Apache.


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Michael Weissenbacher wrote:

> >How many times I have answered to that ?
> >eapi is for apache compiled with mod_ssl
> >noeapi for std apache 
> so why not name ->
> michael

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