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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and Apache, can't get it up and running
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2001 16:11:47 GMT
Hi Gero,

> - Accessing JSP pages by connection to port 8080 (TomCat) works fine
> - Accessing plain HTML via port 80 (Apache web server) is also no problem.

Ok, this is a good start =)

> When I try to access the examples I get the following messages in the
> apache log
> [Sun Aug 19 17:33:14 2001] [error] [client] Directory index
> forbidden by rule: /opt/tomcat-3.3-b1/webapps/examples/

This looks good so far, the /examples request is resolving relative to
Tomcat's examples Context.  Try to request an actual JSP file, not the

> But this resulted in:
> [Sun Aug 19 17:35:31 2001] [error] [client] File does not
> exist: /var/www/html/examples/

...exactly.  Now your request isn't getting forwarded to Tomcat, and Apache
is looking at it's DocumentRoot for "/examples/" and it doesn't exist.

- r

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